Connecting To Cosmic You


Class Description:

During this immersion we’ll dive into what it means to truly connect to the essence of Self. Begin by awakening the body to elemental vibes as Pseudosimian spins live.

We’ll explore how the ancient practices of yoga and astrology compliment each other in terms of seeing our Selves as we truly are, releasing blockages and forging forward to pursue dreams and desires. Vastly different energies are constantly circulating in the heavens, impacting each of us differently all the time. We can utilize this for our own growth and development when we know our own energetic DNA, which is what a Natal Chart provides.

Astrology may seem like a very ‘hippie/woowoo’ practice at first glance, but this science can be as relatable and every-day as we want it to be!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Workshop will be equal parts asana and interactive talk.

Please come with notebook/journal and any crystal or jewelry that you may want to place on the altar to cleanse and soak up the goodness that’ll be circulating during this 90 minute immersion.

It will be helpful to have a printout of your astrological birth chart (or the position of the Sun, Moon & Ascendant signs).

– Free, printable version at (go to ‘Free Horoscopes’, bottom right column ‘Natal Chart, Ascendant’.)

Discussion Movement