Detox Flow Series

Room 1

Class Description:

The importance of cleansing your body, mind and soul cannot be overrated! Yoga is a powerful vehicle to begin this process of transformation and healing. This class is designed for practitioners of all levels as Sasha will offer beginnings variations for all intermediate and advanced poses. The only prerequisite is a student open to releasing that which no longer serves them, flushing toxins that make them dull and lack luster, along with the desire to move the dust that clouds the luminosity of their soul. This powerful and challenging series will offer dynamic movement in the beginning, including breathing exercises to improve respiration and increase circulation, and then moving into longer, fuller holds to deepen the pose and move beyond the surface layers. Sasha uses de-compressive poses, and compressive poses such as twists to stimulate the internal organs, complimented with detailed breathing or pranayamas such as Nali Kriya. Sasha believes that if you increase the blood and lymphatic flow, and begin to eliminate toxins and build up throughout the body, while stimulating digestion, you will accelerate the detoxification process. This class will embody twists, inversions, backbends and long holds in forward bends to leave you refreshed and ready for an all new you!