Kundalini Yoga “Meditation for Prosperity”

Room 2

Class Description:

Join us for a powerful Kundalini Yoga workshop and experience a very auspicious Meditation for Prosperity!

Prosperity, like many other things for which we strive, manifests itself when we remember that God is within us. When we center our attention on becoming one with the Infinite, we become more present in the now; being really present in the now produces the consciousness, which creates prosperity as a way of life.

In the yogic tradition, practicing this meditation opens us to the opportunity to explore and recognize the bounty we already have. Not stepping up to the plate is a form of denial, and when we ignore our financial picture, we also put at risk our essence, our skills and talents, our beauty, consciousness, and capabilities—everything about ourselves that is really essential to a life of true abundance, prosperity, and wealth. It is when we begin to acknowledge what and who we are and what we have that the Universe opens itself to us, and we can reap its vast rewards.

“There are 108 elements in this Universe which are at the tips of your fingers, provided you decide to be compassionate, kind, and caring…As you expand in kindness, prosperity comes with it.” Yogi Bhajan

Let prosperity reach you!

Immerse yourself in the healing sounds of the LIVE Gong right after the meditation!