Light on Prānāyāma

Room 3

Class Description:

Join Paul on a journey through the theory and practice of prānāyāma as an integral part of yoga. This workshop is equal parts lecture and practice. The āsana portion will be shorter in duration, with emphasis on guided breath work and meditation. Paul’s instruction draws from the teachings of Patañjali, theosophy, ParaYoga, tantra, and the book Ancient Wisdom for a New Age: A Practical Guide for Spiritual Growth, which Paul co-wrote.

Topics covered:

  • Prānāyāma & meditation practices
  • What is prāna, and how can we use it to transform our lives?
  • The science of nādis, bandhas, and the etheric body
  • How to direct energy to achieve positive results
  •  What are the largest obstacles in this practice?
Discussion Meditation