Rise and Run or Wake and Walk


Class Description:

Yoga for athletes is an ideal workshop for your inner athlete. If you are an athlete of a particular sport or just love a great challenge, this power flow mixed with a closing focused on relaxing yin, is for you! Expect to enhance and compliment your athletic performance by building strength, mental focus, and flexibility while also using a variety of yoga poses to help you learn to improve various imbalances in your body due to training. The focus of the 90 minute class will be strength, endurance, lengthening, balance, breath awareness, and core strength with the opportunity to translate what is learned on the mat to any athletic endeavors. Yoga gives every person to tap into their inner athlete and also embrace an opportunity to prepare physically, mentally, and spiritually for intense workouts, competition, and also, daily life. The workshop begins with with either a scenic 1K walk or 5K run to greet the morning on the beautiful trails in Springs Preserve so be sure to have your sneakers. Come and explore your strength and power! A moderately physically demanding practice with a basic knowledge of yoga encouraged.