Skillful & Therapeutic Hands-On Assists (for Yoga Teachers)

Room 2

Class Description:

This is an experiential workshop and training for yoga teachers only, CEUs available. Skillful hands-on assists and adjustments empower students, open up something new for them, create an opportunity for connection and empathy, and provide a safe comforting space for students to evolve. Learn and practice effective techniques for exchanging energy with your students using breath, empathetic touch, and verbal communication. Protect yourself and your students energetically when working with kinesthetic transmission through touch. Discover new assists that are safe, empowering, and intuitive for both teacher and student. Improve your seeing skills, learn to breathe with your students and connect with them, help your students feel good in their poses and teach them how to support and trust themselves in their practice. Bring a notebook/journal and pen, something to take photos with, and a yoga mat.