The Truth About Your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

Room 3

Class Description:

Most of us set goals or resolve to make changes each New Year, yet many of us fall short in the
months following or fail to uphold those resolves altogether. But we felt so strongly about our
new plan in January… what happened? Is it just human nature? Well, the yoga tradition has some
things to say on the matter. Come have a discussion with Paul about the yogic method of
conscious goal-setting, and how the wise teachers of old have prescribed a technique for
achieving a fulfilled life. Yes, it’s spiritual, and yes, its very practical. Leave with tangible tools to
use this coming December 31st, or better yet, today!

Topics covered:

  • Goal setting for the future while remaining present in The Now
  • Understanding which areas of life truly need attention, and which are already fulfilled
  • A look into karma and reincarnation, and how these concepts affect our life’s path
  • The power of affirmations
  • The role meditation plays in goal setting
Discussion Meditation