The Rocket

Patio Gallery

Class Description:

The Rocket is an uplifting series originally crafted by SF native Larry Schultz as a way of modifying traditional Ashtanga. The Rocket all levels and advanced classes are each challenging sequences involving fun/funky transitions with a focus on bandhas, breath, and drishti. The Rocket is all about modification, self-expression, moving towards personal goals and calming the nervous system while strengthening the body and mind.

The Rocket Sequence is based on the Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Focused on balance, stability, mobility, surrender, and strength, this sequence opens the body from the ground up.

Ideal for the regular practitioner or for those ready to commit to their practice. The pace is demanding and the instruction is less extensive than an All Levels. You will practice inversions in this class, including handstands and forearm stands.

Each class begins with sun salutations, progresses through a standing sequence building energy for the seated sequence, and closes with the Ashtanga finishing sequence. Familiarity with sun salutations and finishing postures is ideal, but not essential.

Those Ashtangis out there wanting to try something new, but not completely unfamiliar this workshop is for you!

This style was coined “The Rocket” because its techniques “get [students] there (to nirvana) faster”.