Yin Yoga w/Aroma

Room 1

Class Description:

Enjoy the gracious pace of Yin Yoga & the surrendering “Aroma” aspect that will pair with it! …..Along with intelligence of the benefits, and the inspiring inward journey, all this conspires to a great trip for the body and mind. Yin Yoga hosts many definitions, but the greatest one of them all is Passive! This workshop will supply you with tools, tips, and tricks to enhance the asanas for more safety, comfortable holding, and injury prevention, comfortable holding, and injury prevention.

Join Zeek Vincent as he leads you on an “outward & inward” landscape that will show you how to have a long lasting relationship with your organs, muscles, joints, and tendons…and yes, the mind.

*Fragrance Can Attack The Senses*

Yin or Restorative

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