Yoga Nidrā: Accessing Your Inner Dimensions

Room 3

Class Description:

You’ve heard the term, but what does it actually mean? Nidrā, translated from Sanskrit, means “sleep”. How is “yogic sleep” different from regular sleep? There are multiple approaches to yoga nidrā, with different intentions, but all include the principle of letting the physical body relax completely while the mind stays conscious. The body moves into the sleep state and the mind is guided through a process of calming, then is directed toward more subtle experiences. Paul will share the foundational theory of yoga nidrā and guide attendees through several practices.
Practices will include light āsana and breath work, then students lay down on yoga mats for yoga nidrā.

Topics covered:

  • Yoga nidrā for relaxation, healing, sharpening cognition, and spiritual awakening
  • Sankalpa shakti (the power of resolve); how to increase capacity of will and determination
  • Differences between yoga nidrā and traditional meditation
  • Yoga nidrā and the koshas; how to address each layer of our being
  • The four states of consciousness
Discussion Meditation