Christine Frazzitta

Christine Frazzitta

Gentle Movement

Christine works full time in the health and wellness industry assisting people with yoga and aromatherapy along with a more natural lifestyle. She began practicing Hatha yoga in 2004 and has been teaching since 2009. Her teaching style encourages each student the freedom to be who they are in every posture, emphasizes safe alignment and accentuates breathing. Incorporating her Zeeta Body Aromatherapy care products into every yoga class. Christine’s hope is to inspire her students in each class to reach a different level mentally and physically by merging yoga with aromatherapy, allowing her students to get lost in the moment and experience new things.

Be Scents-able

Room 2

Class Description: During this special 90 minute workshop you will be submersed in blissful Zeeta Aromatherapy and journey through a series of asana to build internal heat, a strong core, stable shoulders and steady drishti. Discover how to sensibly choose the perfect inversion for your body. We will work slowly and have time for questions […]