Cristina Osorio and Eric Hebard

Cristina Osorio and Eric Hebard

Acro Yoga

Cristina Osorio

Cristina Osorio is a Master Instructor at TruFusion Yoga and Pilates, part owner of Niyama Sol, and Acro Yoga instructor for the last 4 years.

Her strong background in classical ballet, paired with her mastery of kettlebell, love of climbing, and interests in movements of all kind, give her extensive experience in sequential progressions. Her classes take complex movements and break them down in a tangible way to give every student the knowledge and skill to feel confident in their own abilities.

Eric Hebard

Eric Hebard is a Managing Partner of Body Shrine, and a core teacher as well.

He is very methodical with his teaching approach, and tries to build a strong foundation to then get to greater heights in his student’s capabilities and knowledge. Eric comes from a mixed life of engineering and business coupled nicely with his physical practices that have ranged from martial arts, rock climbing, skateboarding, yoga, and AcroYoga.

Eric is currently in the process of pursuing the Lift School of Acrobatics Teacher Accreditation.

Acro Partner Yoga


Class Description: Acro Partner Yoga is the partner practice of Yoga, Acrobatics, Therapeutics, and Thai Massage brought together into a fun fusion that will keep you wanting to grow your practice and play more. In this introductory class, we will lead you through the various channels of practice by building your fundamentals with proper technique, […]