Dima Shine

Dima Shine


In 2002 Dima decided to leave his successful career as a world champion in Acrobatic sports with over 30 Gold medals to follow a different dream, to be a
solo performer on the stage.

Cirque Du Soleil recognized Dima’s talent and invited him to one of their shows called Dralion where Dima met Viktor Kee, who helped create his circus act. Dima spent 2 years in circus school in Kiev, Ukraine, adapting his Acrobatic technique and perfecting his abilities to achieve his goal to create a unique, breathtaking, world class performance yet to be seen.

Dima Shine’s hand balancing act was presented at the International circus festival in Paris “Cirque de Demain” in 2006. The new creation was subsequently an incredible success. In Paris he received a Gold Medal and a Prix de Publique. Which has been followed by gold medals at the “Latina festival” in Italy, in Grenoble France, and at the Domont festival, confirming Dima’s place among one of the greatest performances in the circus arts of our time.

One of Dima’s achievement was to win the Russian Idol, a television contest in Russia (analog of America’s got talent in USA). In 2008 Dima thought out the idea of creating the Shine Alternative Fitness studio. He began to search for a place to open it and in 2009 he joined the illustrious Canadian circus entertainment company The Cirque du Soleil, for a new production called “Banana Shpeel” in NYC. After a year with Banana Shpeel Dima got invited to join another Cirque’s production “Zumanity” and relocated to Las Vegas where he is still currently performing.

In 2011 Dima met Russ Petroni who was assistant company manager in Zumanity at that time and invited him to be his business partner at Shine. 2012 was the year when Dima and Russ opened up their first Fitness Studio in Las Vegas.

Handstand for All

Room 2

Class Description: The Handstand workshops will include exercises to increase your flexibility, strength and balance. We’ll do a lot of core work mixed with balance. The participants will learn the technique of handstands, ways to warm up and prepare your body to do handstands. The workshop will finish with the core conditioning training.