Heidi Otero

Heidi Otero


Heidi Otero

Heidi Otero began her career as a professional dancer and instructor in her hometown of Miami, Florida. Over the past 23 years teaching dance, she has developed a greater appreciation for movement and grace which guided her in the direction of yoga. She began her yoga studies at Body Heat and furthered her newfound passion by completing the Zflow by Zeek Vincent teacher training. Over the last year as a yoga teacher she has taught at Bodyheat, Trufusion, Vegas Hot and Lifetime Fitness. She expanded to further her education in health and fitness by adding in Pilates training, Barre classes, Aeriel Yoga workshops, and yin yoga. Heidi is an avid reader and enjoys personal development to inspire others through her lead by example leadership.

Currently Heidi is the Yoga lead instructor at Bodyheat Yoga and Pilates and has been teaching pop up events with The refined agency in the modality of Hip Hop Yoga . Combining two of her biggest passions Dance and Yoga.

Hip Hop yoga


Class Description: Hip Hop yoga is a physical yoga practice paired with hip-hop music. … Unlike traditional styles of yoga asana practice, the hip-hop versions tend to be faster paced and more aerobic in nature, and they may be integrated with hip hop dance elements as well a live DJ