Merriliz Rivera Monzon is a Mindfulness & Meditation Trainer, Corporate Meditation Specialist and devoted yoga instructor helping individuals and communities across the world to awaken from the inside out. After receiving her certification as a Oneness Trainer in 2014 from O&O Academy, a spiritual school in south India, Merriliz pioneered hundreds of classes, workshops, and yogic awakening retreats as a Jnana Yoga Instructor – teaching spiritual and emotional intelligence on and off the mat. An avid world traveler with initiations in India, Egypt, Australia and Mt. Shasta, Merriliz threads esoteric teachings with a grounded, motivational practice that opens the body and awakens the Self. Rooted in her love and talents as a dancer, you can also find Merriliz teaching Pilates and Barre throughout Las Vegas. Her unbounded, joy-filled energy stems from her personal soul connection and deep passion to serve the masses.


Room 1

Class Description: Breathe. Connect. Stretch. Repeat. Root back to yourSelf, and awaken the energy centers of the body through a guided meditational flow intended to cleanse and clear the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies. Through ancient breath work, fluid posture, visualization and affirmative mantra, you will learn to activate the chakras of the body […]